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Currently, technology allows video production to be limited only by the imagination and skills of the creators.

In order for the film to attract attention and give a positive aesthetic experience, we use the latest recording equipment with a wide range of optics, flying drones, camera booms and stabilizers. However, technique is just a kind of brush we use.

Above all, we offer our talent, knowledge acquired for a long time, a sense of good taste and the elusive "something" that the GreenArt Studio team pours into a moving image in the form of emotions. We do it to give you the joy of reliving your extraordinary wedding day over and over again.


The formula of our film is an artistic, half-hour reportage, a documentary that is the essence of the event, shown from the most favorable plans and perspectives. We have developed the formula for its optimal form through years of experience and this is our original recipe for a successful and interesting video that will not bore even potential outsiders.

We recommend viewing the followingopinions of our customers

Fotografia ślubna


Wedding reportage.

  • 16 hoursavailability of the team during the assignment

  • Location Drone 

  • Advanced sound production

  • Color correction

  • Advanced dramatic editing, artistic shots 

  • Film equipment used (slider, stedicam, light)

  • The duration of the film is about 30-40 minutes

  • A Few Minutes Shortcut  (Wedding Highlight)

Price:  2 operators PLN 8,000 1 operator 5600 zł 

Wedding reportage.  
  • 12 hoursavailability of the team during the assignment

  • Advanced sound engineering 

  • A drone covering locations

  • Color correction

  • Dramatic editing, artistic shots

  • Film equipment used (slider, stedicam, light)

  • The duration of the film is about 25 - 30 minutes

  • Wedding Highlight


price: 2 operators PLN 6,600 1 operator PLN 4800 


Wedding reportage.

  • 9 hoursavailability of the team during the assignment

  • A drone covering locations

  • Advanced sound production

  • Color correction

  • Dramatic editing, artistic shots

  • Film equipment used (slider, stedicam, light)

  • The duration of the film is about 20 - 25 minutes

  • Wedding Highlight


price: 2 operators PLN 5400 1 operator 4050 PLN 




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Familiarize yourself with the photographic portfolio and ask for a combined offer

with the film GreenArt.


We take care of every detail of the recorded image.
On the editing computer, all shots are subjected to a tedious color correction process   to further emphasize the atmosphere of the film


What certainly distinguishes GreenArt the most is the montage style_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d. The ability to dramatically build tension, to keep the viewer's perception in check so that he does not lose interest in the film even for a moment. We carefully select shots and match them to the rhythm movement in the frame. We tell a story with appropriately selected music engaging individual creative sensitivity. Want to check it out? reviewour portfolio

GOOD TEAM i many years of experience

If you do not want to risk it, trust our experience and professionalism. Hundreds of registered weddings and various situations in which we have found ourselves guarantee that your order will be carried out at a high level in each case. Whether in Poland or in an exotic country. We can  the task.

Outdoor session, music video, thanks to parents

Artistic representation of a couple. Filming on a day other than the wedding. Thanks to family members displayed during the wedding. 


price: PLN 1,200

A drone with an additional operator

Aerial shots on the wedding day taken by the operator who only pilots the drone. Thanks to this, it will be able to capture much more, e.g. leaving the church or other events. 

price:PLN 600

Same DayEdit

A montage of shots from the wedding made on the day of the ceremony and displayed at the wedding reception.

price:PLN 2,500

Video Archiving

An additional operator filming all events from A to Z. After simple editing, a separate 2-3 hour film is created from the wedding day, which is a documentary record without artistic values. The service does not function without selecting a package.

price:PLN 800

What else should you know

Logistics costs

We reach every place in Poland and Europe. We count only the fuel price (7l ON/100km) according to the current price list. In addition, for orders more than 200 km from the company's headquarters (Szczecin) hotel accommodation for the team should be taken into account, the day before and on the day of the order.

Waiting time for the movie

Depending on the season in which the material was shot, the waiting time is usually 3 to 6 months from the end of shooting. 


We share the video via private link on our professional Vimeo account, which you can send to friends and family and post on social media. In addition, on request, you can receive a personalized flash drive containing a file with your video.


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