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Trendsetters Bridelle 2013,  TOP 10 Polish film crew Zankyou, 1 place TOP 50 Polish film crew "Ślub na Głowie, Trendsetters Bridelle 2015, Honorary Certificate of the association of Polish Wedding Consultants 2019

GreenArt existed in the minds of customers in 2011 when colleagues founded the team uses to shoot digital SLR camera. Back then it was a technological innovation, used by a few companies. Our short clips attracted the attention of YouTube viewers who appreciate their quality and emotionality. Since then, interest in our services director Janusz Zaorski. Our films repeatedly showed bridal magazines. In 2014, we were invited to participate in the program TVP 2 "The question for breakfast" to talk about our work and inspirations. In the same year, blog and wedding magazine Bridelle honored us prestigious Trendsetters 2013 "Best documentary film". We were also admitted to the Worldwide Event videographers Association. In 2015 an international magazine Zankyou put us on their list of the 10 most recommended wedding filmmakers in Poland, and a year later, one of the most popular portals "Ślub na Głowie" gave us the first place on the list of the TOP 50 "Polish film crews". By the readers again won the title of Trendsetters Bridelle 2015 in the category "Outdoor photo session". Our orders have begun to include remote and exotic places on earth.  Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, Bali island, the Dominican Republic and the United States. The 2019 season brought us the nomination and awarding of an honorary Certificate of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants. We are proud of the fact that many filmmakers began to inspire our ideas, and the couples have trusted us constantly expanding group of satisfied customers. 
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